VHC Vertical stands for all kinds of vertical greening. VHC is the production partner for Sempergreen® in China and takes care of all pre-grown vertical products for the Chinese market. Sempergreen® successfully introduced the Sempergreen Flexipanel® system from the Netherlands, with pre-grown vegetation. It can be used both indoor and outdoor, with all kind of plant species, as well as the Framepanel®  system, for sound barriers and green fence systems. Sempergreen®  vertical systems are proven successful and come with a very sophisticated irrigation system, completely controlled by internet.

VHC Vertical also stands for vertical green panels ( Green Screen ) These are pre-grown frame panels that can be covered with various type of plants. It can be used for decoration in boxes, on balcony, as fences in garden, or even for large area’s of wall greening, such as parking lot’s or residential buildings. All vertical products in China are produced by VHC and sold with our partner Sempergreen®  We have an experienced team of technicians, operating China wide, for installation and maintenance. For further information please visit: